Cashalo Loan Review

The Cashalo company offers loans and other financial products to Filipinos. Whether you need money to start a new business, reload your car, or get your college degree, Cashalo is a reliable option for you. With Cashalo, you will never have to wait long for your loan approval. You can avail of the loan right away and pay your expenses on time. This loan option is available for people of any age and financial status.

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Cashalo has a mobile application that is available for iOS and Android. To use Cashalo, you must have a government ID. Alternatively, you can use your PayMaya account. Cashalo’s processing time is less than 24 hours, depending on how far you live. The process is simple and convenient. Once you have applied for a loan, the cash will reach you via SMS or email. The app also shows the interest and fees you will have to pay, so you can determine how much you can borrow.

With Cashalo, you can borrow up to Php 1,500 and pay it off over the course of 45 days. You can also pay the loan back in a lump sum at the end of the period. You should not wait until the last day of the payment period, as there are chances that you’ll be unable to pay the loan on time. To avoid this hassle, you can extend the loan time and pay it off in installments. However, keep in mind that the interest will accumulate on your credit if you don’t pay off your loan.

Unlike traditional loans, Cashalo also offers a PayLater credit card that functions like a credit card. This card is available for clients to use for everyday expenses, like buying things at the Cashalo e-store or making purchases at offline merchants. Using the Cashalo app is easy and fast. And unlike other lenders, you’ll get your loan approval within an hour of applying. This loan will require a valid Lazada account and credit card information.

As for Cashalo, the company is registered with the SEC and is fully certified to provide loans. Their lending apps are legal and comply with Philippines laws. You can download the app on your phone, or sign up through Facebook. The app will ask you for your email and mobile number. Once you’ve signed up, the money will be deposited in your Lazada wallet within one to three days. The best part is that you’ll never have to worry about being scammed, as Cashalo is fully compliant and registered with the SEC.

If you need money urgently, the best way to get the funds is to apply through the application portal. It’s available twenty-four hours a day and allows you to apply any time of the day. Once approved, you’ll get the funds through your bank card. Another benefit of Cashalo is its loyalty system. If you get a loan once, you’ll have the chance to get a lower interest rate for the next loan. In addition, you can also get promotional codes that can cut your interest rate.